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[09/02/2017] CSGO Betting Advice

CSGO Betting Advice
CSGO Betting Advice

9th Febuary 2017 CSGO Betting Advice

CS_Summit was really entertaining yesterday, make sure you don’t miss out. Yesterday was an alright day, SK performed really well and Navi were horrendous.

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CSGO Betting

GameAgents v Tricked

GameAgents @ 1.72 on NitrogenSports
Alternate Attax v Kinguin

Alternate Attax @ 2.01 on NitrogenSports

Valiance v VenatoreS

Valiance -2.5 @ 1.735 on NitrogenSports

Liquid v C9

Liquid +3.5 on their map pick @ 1.885 on NitrogenSports

Torqued v Vega

Torqued +4.5 on their map pick @ 1.839 on NitrogenSports






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