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[10/02/2018] CSGO Betting Advice

CSGO Betting Advice
CSGO Betting Advice

10th Febuary 2018 CSGO Betting Advice

CS_Summit really is the best tournament of the year. Not only did we get a bunch of winners out of it, the tournament provides endless entertainment.

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CSGO Betting

Epsilon v AGO

AGO -2.5 on their map pick @ 2.004 on NitrogenSports
AGO -1.5 @ 2.893 on NitrogenSports
AVANGAR v Mousesports

AVANGAR +3.5 on their map pick @ 2.024 on NitrogenSports

North v Heroic

North -1.5 @ 2.518 on NitrogenSports

SK v C9

C9 to win @ 2.103 on NitrogenSports






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