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How To Become a Professional CSGO Player


How To Become a Professional CSGO Player

Learn how to improve at CS GO.

Ever wanted to be like Shroud or PashBiceps? CSGO Professional Players can earn up to $25,000 a month salary excluding tournament and sticker money. This guide can help you achieve your dreams and be like your favourite professional players.

This guide will offer various tips on how to improve your gameplay and mentality.

So lets learn how to become a professional csgo player.


ESEA - Become a Professional Player
ESEA – Become a Professional Player

ESEA offers a far superior experience over Match-Making. Firstly, ESEA offer Industry Leading Anti-Cheat. ESEA have the best anti-cheat in the industry. The chances of playing with hackers are so so low and the chances are you won’t play with one. This makes your experience better.

Furthermore, ESEA has 128-tick servers. Yes, FaceIt also offers this, however, ESEA’s server optimisation is superior to its opponents. If you are going to be playing in big tournaments then you will need to be used to playing on ESEA servers. ESEA servers are more consistent and stable than MM servers, this means your aim and muscle memory can improve.

The Community is another reason that you can become a professional CSGO player. The Community will be like-minded and will want to improve and become professional just like you. This means you won’t run into any issues with trolls. Furthermore, the Community are skilled players, this means they can help you improve and you can learn from them. In ESEA you can get a proper feel of competitive gameplay.

Another reason why many love playing ESEA is you get to play with and against the best players in the world. Getting to play with the likes of Summit1g, n0thing^G, GeT_RighT, and more will drastically improve the way you play. The amount of knowledge you can learn from playing with them is insane.

ESEA offer important statistics so you can track your progress and find out where you are going wrong and what you are doing right. Read your statistics and learn how to improve your gameplay.

Start your journey with ESEA and build your career. From Day 1 you are able to join various leagues and play against other teams. This is how teams find players. As your team moves up in the leagues, the big teams will start to notice you and the offers will start arriving. Take on the best and join the most competitive league system in eSports.

Finally, Rank G and Rank S are a great way to improve. These are the most competitive games you can play when you aren’t playing in the leagues with your team. This is where careers are made. Teams like mousesports frequently watch these games to see who the rising stars are. For example, ropz was scouted in these types of games.

Watch Twitch


Watching various CSGO streamers like Shroud and analysing how they play various situations is a great way to learn. You won’t be improving your aim, but you will be improving your game sense. Aim can only get you so far, improving your game sense is just as important.

As well as watching CSGO streamers watching professional matches is a great way to learn. Watching how teams play and what they do in certain situations is invaluable knowledge. For example, learning how a certain player holds a bombsite and how they hold it is important knowledge, do what they do and you will improve in no time. Twitch is a great way to learn How To Become a Professional CSGO Player.

Watch YouTube

Similar to Twitch, watching YouTube is just as important. YouTube is great for learning smokes, flashes and molotovs. Once again, aim can only take you so far. You have to learn smokes, flashes and molotovs because it makes clearing bombsites so much easier. Furthermore, learning flashes that allow you to flash your teammates in so they can get a kill are super important.


Improve Teamwork
Improve Teamwork

Teamwork is the most important thing to learn. No big team will want to pick you up if you are not a team player.

Teamwork involves communicating with players. Your communication has to be quick and accurate. You need to say what knowledge you know and your team mates do it and that is it. You do not want to distract your team mates or flame them or they will have a poor performance.

Teamwork also involves doing the boring things like learning smokes, flashes and molotovs. Learning smokes means your teammates can also smoke the bombsite, so it is easier for all of your to clear a bomb site. Learning flashes are just as important, this will allow you to flash your teammate into a position so they can get an easy kill.

Improve your Aim

How To Become a Professional CSGO Player
Get Aim Like Scream

Most people think they can pro by just improving their aim, this is not the case. Playing 2 hours of HS Aim Death Match a day can be pointless.

Don’t get me wrong, improving your aim is important. The best way to improve your aim is just by playing games, you may not feel like your aim is improving but it is.

Other ways to improve your aim include playing Deathmatch servers and workshop maps. These are great ways to warmup and all you need to do is no more than 30 minutes a day and your aim will improve.

Improve your Spray Control

Improving your spray control is necessary so you can easily kill enemies at mid-range and transfer your spray onto other enemies.


Boomeo is a great new service that many of the pros have started to use. They have various servers that you can join that will help you become a Professional CSGO Player.

Boomeo offer 3 types of servers. Retake, FFA and Duels. Retake is simply a game mode which will put you either as a CT or T in a retake situation. This gives you a great opportunity to learn how to properly hold a bomb site as a T once you have planted a bomb or how to retake a bomb site as a CT. Boomeo also offers FFA which is basically a deathmatch server, they offer HS only and normal deathmatch. These are great ways to chill out with some music and play some CSGO to warm up. Finally, they offer duels. You are put in a 1v1 situation on various parts of a map and you must duel. We feel that boomeo can be vital to learn How To Become a Professional CSGO Player.

Learn to Prefire

You can still become a professional CSGO player even if your aim is not that good. This can be done by learning how to prefire. This is basically learning what spots CT players hold on a site and pre-aiming their so you can get peekers advantage. Boomeo has servers that teach you how to prefire and where to do so. Once you properly learn how to prefire you will find playing T side much easier.

Get Better Hardware

While this is not necessary, improving your hardware will improve your gameplay. Having high FPS is necessary for good aim otherwise it can be incredibly hard ot play competitively.

The simplest things to do is to improve your mouse. Having a good mouse is key to improving your aim. I suggest you check out our Best Mouse for CSGO Guide to find out what one is best for you.

Another way to improve your hardware is to get a better headset, once again, check out our Guide to the Best Headsets for CSGO.

A 3rd way and probably the cheapest way to improve your aim is to get a better mousepad. It may seem stupid but having a rubbish mousepad can affect your aim. We suggest getting a high-quality mousepad and keeping it clean. Check out our guide to the Best Mousepads for CSGO.

Now, this is where things can get expensive. If your computer is not good enough then it can be hard to play competitively. We suggest getting a good computer

Check out our guide on the Best Computers for CS GO.

We also recommend checking out our guide on the Best Monitors for CSGO.

Getting better hardware is a great way to learn How To Become a Professional CSGO Player.

Get a Good Config

This one isn’t super important, but having the right settings can help you.

We personally suggest copying this config on GitHub. It is a solid config and has everything you need to get the right settings.

Buy the Best Skins

G2A Buy & Sell CSGO Skins

Everyone knows that having the best skins make you a great player. The best place to buy Skins is on G2A. G2A offer huge discounts on knives and the best skins. You can save over $100 on various skins, meaning you can afford to purchase the best.

While skins a not necessary learn How To Become a Professional CSGO Player, we think they are cool 😉


Thank you for reading this guide on How To Become A Professional CSGO Player. Feel Free to Leave Feedback.

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